Band-Aid Panic
© 9/21/20018 Abby Black

Well. I got a tiny wound on my knee yesterday, barely a pinprick, but it bled several droplets so I slapped a tiny band-aid on it. I promptly forgot about it.

This morning, I went out to check on the chickens. While I was in the run, Pixel snatched the bandage off my knee and ran with it. Several others gave chase (including myself), but Naomi got the apparently appetizing-looking band-aid and swallowed it JUST as I reached her beak.

After a quick phone call to my parents, we all agreed that Naomi being killed by a band-aid was tragically ironic, but none of us were very eager to engage in another crop surgery. My mom beat me to researching any similar incidents that happened to other chicken owners. Apprently, it's quite common, and the bandage will pass through completely unuseable and very damaged.

Nevertheless, Naomi is going to be closely monitored for the next few days.